Red Luxury acquires Reminiscence Paris Jewelry Brand

Red Luxury acquires Reminiscence Paris Jewelry Brand

Paris, France, March 1, 2019: Red Luxury, a Paris-based jewelry and watch company that designs, manufactures, and distributes its products to consumers worldwide, this week announced they closed on a special acquisition in March 2019.

Passionate about investing in brands that are disrupting the jewelry market as we know it, Red Luxury confirmed they have acquired the brand Reminiscence, a qualitative fashionable jewelry line with inspiration in the South of France.

Reminiscence’s story began in 1970 in the French Riviera, which we believe to be a background story that will resonate with our consumers. For nearly 50-years, this brand has been creating perfumes and jewels reflective of the most beautiful places in the world, and we can’t wait to bring their products to as many interested consumers as possible.”

Owned by Zoé Coste and Nino Amaddeo, over the years, Reminiscence has opened dozens of store shops around France and several European capitals, present in more than 178 points of sale throughout the continent. Red Luxury is aiming to triple those numbers in the coming year.

Red Luxury owns offices in New York, Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Seoul. They manage everything from high-end concept stores, to department stores and jewelry shops as they work to highlight their unique and up-and-coming brand acquisitions.

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